About Cogumelo

More than 40 years of history

Cogumelo boasts more than 40 years continually exceeding client expectations in supplying products and services for composite material products. We are leaders in the sector and pioneers in Brazil in the pultrusion manufacturing process, thereby enabling the fabrication of novel products such as fiber glass ladders (since 1993) and phenolic resin structural profiles, which are resistant to harsh conditions of corrosion and fire (since 2000).

Since our founding in 1973, more than 5,000 clients have counted on the tradition and quality of the Cogumelo brand, whose values coexist with a capacity and culture of innovation, and a bright, young-spirited team.

Founding: initially producing laminate fiberglass roofs for tractors.

The Beginning

Cogumelo pioneered the national composites industry, leading in the application of the material and the development of novel products for the Brazilian market.


The 1990´s was a historical decade for Cogumelo with the acquisition and development of new composites manufacturing technologies.
Pultrusion: brought pultrusion technology to Brazil, a process that enabled the production of composite materials on an industrial scal
Ladders: Cogumelo made the first fiberglass ladders in Brazil.
Molded gratings: brought the Italian molded gratings technology to Brazil.
Phenolic Resin: began using phenolic resin in the pultrusion process (a low toxicity and high fire resistant material).
We introduced a sound management system in order to continue developing our culture and brand.
Transformation of the company to a corporation

Leading producer and service provider of pultruded compsite materials in South America.

International reference in pultrusion with phenolic resin.

Pioneer in Brazil in composite materials and the production of fiberglass ladders.

Service excellence: awarded the title of Best Supplier for large offshore purchases by Petrobras – Bacia de Campos.

The Present

We are currently working on the largest global contract of design, manufacturing, and installation of the entire composites line of an offshore environment. We are also intensifying our investment in operational efficie

The Future

Our team is our main asset. We continually strive to develop new skills to be increasingly prepared for the opportunities of the future.




Pultrusion is the most representative manufacturing process of those utilized at Cogumelo. The pultrusion process is a mechanized continuous fabrication method for uniform section products and is the only which allows for the large-scale manufacturing of structural composite profiles. Pultrusion is also the only process with the capacity to produce parts whose fiber percentage reaches 85% of the composite. This high percentage of fiber enables its utilization in structural functions.

Our R&D department, together with the factory, adjusts the technology to local operational conditions, such as local raw materials, temperature and humidity, without loss in efficiency.

Our innovation committee meets monthly, continually searching for evolution on three fronts: existing production processes, new manufacturing technologies and new products.

Quality Policy

Cogumelo is committed to promoting continual improvements through its Quality Management System, searching for excellence in its products and services. To this end, we are committed to:

Selecting and retaining the best professionals;

Creating a sustainable company in the long-term through our management pillars: meritocracy, leading by example and zero-based budgeting;

Offering the best cost-benefit options for our clients through technological evolution, disciplined processes and operational efficiency; and

Offering only products and services that conform to the applicable standards and norms.

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